About Us

KAAFLY Co., Ltd (Kaafly company limited) is the only company in the world that applies return policy and is responsible for 100% shipping costs if clients are dissatisfied, which protects you from any risks when cooperating with us.

Understanding the desire to find a reputable hair extension supplier with the ability to maintain consistent product quality, Mr. Han Quang, CEO of Kaafly, has spent a lot of effort to fulfill the mission of helping women around the world become more beautiful and happier.

For years, he has traveled to many large countries with strong hair industries, such as Russia, India, and China, to find the best quality source of hair and bleaching techniques.

And now we are proud to say that we have the most advanced technique in Vietnam for producing all types of extensions. Placing itself in the top-tier of the market, Kaafly is currently regarded as the go-to company for the highest quality virgin hair extensions.

We provide 100% virgin human hair that is both natural and of the highest quality. Each ponytail of collected hair is meticulously maintained, guaranteeing a fuss-free and perfect experience. Our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a wide range of unique virgin hair products that are versatile and long-lasting.

Over the past decade, we have been dedicated to providing the finest in authentic, ethically sourced raw hair from Asian women from 15 - 30 years old, accompanied by our dedication to research and strict quality control procedures.

Despite the fact that our products' pricing are very reasonable and competitive with other companies, we also offer a variety of price points, from the budget-conscious to the discerning client seeking the best of the best.

Continuously developed over the past 10 years and becoming one of the three largest enterprises in Vietnam in the hair extension industry, Kaafly is internationally known with more than 1000 partners in the US, Nigeria, Canada, France, UK, Germany, South Africa, and many other countries in Europe and Africa.

Our wish is that you would fall in love with hair sourced with you in mind, to live your best lives according to your own rules and wildest dreams, whether you are a teenage girl, a woman raising the glass to life, a mother-of-two building an empire, a trans woman showing the world what true beauty is, or a person with special needs.

We have won the hearts of customers from all over the world through transparency, commitment to quality, and joyfully listening to our valued customers' concerns.

We are honored that you continue to select Kaafly for all of life's special occasions.

Whenever, we’re always here for you!