3 Tips To Choose The Right Color Hair Extensions

Choosing the ideal hair extensions can be challenging, especially if you look online. One of the most important things to choosing the right hair extensions is to find the hair color that matches your natural hair. So, to get that nature, you must select hair extensions with the perfect texture and color to blend in with your original hair. Which will make your hair longer and thicker, and level up your beautiful appearance.  No one will even know you’re wearing hair extensions. 

Here are 3 tips to help you find the perfect hair color extensions

1. Identify your hair color

The most common mistake people usually make is selecting color hair extensions based on the color of their front hair. Which is not 100% accurate with your real hair color. Instead, focus on the color of your hair from the middle to the ends because here is where you will connect your extensions. To get the most accurate result, you should look at your hair color in natural light. This will help to ensure that your hair and the extension will integrate seamlessly.

2. Identify your skin tone and undertone

Choosing the right hair shade that suits your skin tone is very important. I bet you will never want to experience the wrong hair color ever. Just like the way you choose cloth color, your skin tone might appear alive and vibrant or flat and dreary depending on the color of your hair hue. It is a misconception to believe that any hue will look good on every skin tone. For instance, dramatic tones like platinum frequently go well with lighter skin tones, while darker tones tend to look better with warmer, richer colors, ombre styles, and lighter highlights.

Your undertone is also an important factor. Using the jewelry that suits you will be one of the simplest ways to identify your undertone. Your undertone is cool if you look good in silver. Your undertone is warm if you look good in gold. If either, it becomes neutral. Although this doesn’t always imply that people with paler tones shouldn’t try colorful tones, you are likely to fit a wide range of diverse hues if you have naturally warm skin and hair tones. For instance, choosing really black hair may make pale skin appear even paler. Dark reds and browns are typically appealing choices if your skin has yellow undertones.

The color of your clothing could be another consideration to reflect your undertone. You’ll look best with warm tones like golden blonde, golden brown, ginger blonde, or auburn hair colors if you prefer reds, oranges, golden yellows, olive greens, or rusty shades. Those who prefer red, brilliant pinks, royal blues, or greens will look best with cooler tones like platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, or jet black. If the colors red, purple, charcoal gray, and turquoise suit you, more neutral tones like sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown will also work for you.

These are our recommendations of the most popular color hair extensions for you to go: 


Black always looks fantastic on people with darker or olive skin tones, it gives you the most mysterious, elegant, and powerful look. If you are also coloring your natural hair, be sure you want black hair because it is the hardest hue to lift.


Considered the most attractive hair color, brunette suits almost all types of skin tones. People with cool undertones appear best in a warmer shade, while those with warm undertones will look best in a chilly, ashy brown. 


A golden blonde looks better with warmer skin tones, and cold ashy tones look best with cooler tones. If your undertone is neutral, you might be able to wear any color. Blonde colors frequently require upkeep; depending on how quickly your hair grows, roots may need to be touched up every six to eight weeks.

Silver or White

If your skin is extremely pale and has cold undertones, think about going silver or white. While white may highlight your pinkness, silver with ashy blonde undertones will balance out the pink undertones in your skin.


You can pull off a darker chilly red or purplish red pretty nicely if you have a cool or pink tone. A dark natural auburn or dark reddish brown would be a fantastic choice for someone with golden or olive skin.

Pale skin looks best in bright, fiery reds and natural gingers, but it’s crucial to match the color to your undertone. If you have medium to dark hair, reds are an obvious choice because they can look stunning on those with deeper skin tones.

3. Find a quality hair supplier 

It is always recommended to pick 100% human hair for the highest quality hair extension. You’d better be careful and do research about hair suppliers before deciding to buy. Or you can totally trust Kaafly, we guarantee high-quality hair extensions made from 100% virgin human hair. Which allows you to color, bleach, straighten, curl, or style them in whatever you’d like to your own hair. Thus, they last longer and are always shiny and silky, giving you an all-time stunning appearance. 

Kaafly offers more than 20 colors from the darkest lightest shade. We also make colors as customers demand and are always updated with the latest colors. So you’ll never go out of style.

color hair extensions

In conclusion

Identify your hair color, and your undertone and find a quality hair supplier. Ordering hair extensions online will be no more challenging when you follow the 3 tips above. If you’re still unsure which color to get, connect us via WhatsApp: +84857050013 or website: kaafly.com, our experts will make sure you get the finest match possible and give you more advice about hair related. 


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